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N=1: Hidden Variables and Superstition

Previously in this series:N=1: IntroductionN=1: Single-Subject Research I. Our psychology is focused on behavior. We focus on behavior because we want to figure out what actions we can take to influence the world around us. But a focus on our actions can also make us superstitious.  The classic example is from a BF Skinner study,…

Links for January 2023

@MegaDarren on twitter: “Just learned that Dutch scientists left a hamster wheel outside in 2014 and saw that tons of wild mice used it just for fun as well as frogs and slugs? All the creatures of the forest wanted a turn?? Absolutely phenomenal” @EvilCactus comments: “I hear the Rocky theme play in my mind…

SMTM Potato Diet Community Trial: 6 Month Followup

Most diets help people lose a little weight. But once you go off the diet, the weight usually comes right back. But what about the potato diet? In our recent community trial, people lost an average of 10.6 pounds over only four weeks on the potato diet, and the weight loss was very reliable. Of…

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