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Sobering Drug Tales that didn’t make it into “Higher”

The following are three drug tales and a few Vin Mariani ads that we cut from our recent post Higher than the Shoulders of Giants, because they were too long or didn’t fit. From Was Dr. Carl Koller driven from Vienna in 1885?:  After his colleague, Dr. Fritz Zinner, called him an impudent Jew in […]

I Want to Believe the Sexy van Leeuwenhoek is Out There

Old friends and doctoral students in the sciences, MENO and SALVIATI, are discussing the state of science funding.  Meno: There are lots of ways to have a good life. Research isn’t even an easy way. Salviati: No, it’s a pretty shit way, and would be even if you were divinely gifted. There are interesting side-effects, […]

Links for April 2021

“THOUGH TOMMY IS A MALE SQUIRREL HE HAS TO WEAR FEMININE CLOTHES BECAUSE TAIL INTERFERES WITH HIS WEARING PANTS,” Life Magazine reported defensively in 1944. “The Bullis family … took him on the road in their Packard automobile, where he … gave uninspiring radio interviews. … At the height of his fame his fan club […]

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